“Love this place!! I’ve been coming here for over a year and Jenny and her staff are always great! They are very friendly and are not pushy with selling their products (lotions, etc). The prices are amazing and they usually have a deal going on either on their tanning packages or on lotions. I would highly recommend this place.”

“Jen if you see this I miss you! I work way out in the IE so I’m a whitey but I’ll be back one day. Jen is beautiful & the friendliest, loveliest business owner! I live in NB but drive here because she is so great & her beds are the best. The prices are better too.”

“LOVE this little place! Not the most luxurious, but if you’re looking for a good deal, and looking to support a local HB owner, then this is a good place to visit. Check out groupon for specials!”

“Think of each testimonial as one more compelling reason for people to go with your business. They are quick, easy and powerful. Feel free to fill up this page with up to 12 of your absolute best.”

“This has been my go to tanning place for years and I’ve never been disappointed! Always clean, friendly staff, and good beds. Prices are reasonable as well.”

“I love this place. The prices are fantastic and there is a variety of tanning lotions to choose from. The beds are very clean and the people who work here are extremely friendly.”